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This three-day event, organised in collaboration with the local community, attracts a large number of visitors and offers a parade, rodeo, carnival and sporting events. One of the biggest events is the annual "Eat Cake" competition, where a variety of cakes and desserts are offered for sale. Very Merry Meridian will be hosting a synchronous Christmas lighting on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day from 6pm to midnight.

In the 1920s and 1950s, Pleasant Grove, a major strawberry producer, became known as Utah's strawberry town. The festival takes place every year in the period chosen in 1922, which usually corresponds to the end of the strawberry harvest in this area. Although the local strawberry fields no longer exist, the city declares the event "Utah's long-established festival."

Lindon, known for its length stretching from Utah Lake east of the mountain to the East Mountain, became a town incorporated into the community. In 1924, the southern boundary of the city changed, and the settlers named themselves Pleasant Grove after the cotton grove at the foot of Timpangos, one of Utah's highest peaks. The settlers later decided on a name to build up the area, so the name change coincided with the changes at the southern borders represented by the Bank of Mt. Timpanogsos and Pleasant Grove. The flag flies in a canyon that stretches 600 feet from cliff to cliff and from cliff to cliff, at an altitude of 1,000 feet.

This early morning tradition is a free event that allows families to get up close and personal with one of Utah's most famous hot air balloons. You can watch the whole hot air ballooning process as the balloon is pulled out of its pocket, blown up and then lifted into the air.

After the light, there is also a gift shop selling various items from local and national brands, as well as local artisans and merchants. Guests can enjoy free food and drinks from local food trucks and local vendors and a live music performance by local musicians.

While the fireworks show starts at 10 p.m., the gates open early so that you can secure a spot on the lawn. Here are some socially-safe activities to take part in during the season. You can also take your vows outdoors in fine weather, which you can take outdoors in fine weather. Afterwards, you can lock yourself in a warm, comfortable chair or chair with blanket or blanket for added comfort.

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Provo Recreation has created an online registration form for the Pleasant Grove City Council election, which is open to citizens to drive by and see. The contest runs through December 11 and there is a day of registration, but you can reach the State House by calling 385-350-0072 or texting or emailing statehousevenue at You can find the participating locations and the best voting windows on our Facebook page. You can also pick up your package at any of the participating locations during the voting period from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the first Saturday of the month.

The name of this magnificent area is apt, considering the classic beauty and pleasant ambience of the estate. There is a very popular Utah Lake where water sports and camping are a must, and there is an excellent hiking and biking trail as well as many hiking trails. Located just a few miles north of Salt Lake City in Pleasant Grove, Utah, it is a short drive from Provo City and the Utah River.

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The first major task was the installation of the Lindon City waterworks in 1924, and many farmers and workers from the area worked in the cutting station until the plant closed in 1923, when the plant was closed. Sons who returned from the war worked elsewhere or settled in the city, many of them being tempted to give up small-scale agriculture. By 1948, forty urban waterways had been built in Utah and Idaho, and the improved job opportunities in those communities helped transform the city into a bedroom community with few shopping opportunities. Farmers and their families saw the opportunity to invest a few hours of work in a small town with good schools, a good school system and a high quality of life.

The settlement along the creek was initially unofficially called Battlecreek, but after the first settlers were expelled in 1853 during the Walker Indian War, the houses built nearby grew so large that they had to be closed. The Mormons had their first conflict with the Indians at the mouth of the river, which became known as the Battlebrook. A memorial with a plaque describing the battle is located on the west side of Lindon City, near the intersection of Main Street and Battle Creek Road.

More About Pleasant Grove

More About Pleasant Grove