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Visitors to this busy Utah museum can also watch weekly live animal shows where you can get up close and personal with some of the state's most famous animals, such as the Great Salt Lake. Visitors can watch movies, watch one of their cosmic light shows, or move around in their personal space while watching a movie, all in one place. Even the history of Greater Salt Lake can be found in this museum, which tops our list of the most popular museums in Utah. We've rounded up the top 10 Utah museums here to make sure they're all accessible to everyone, not just Utah's.

If this kind of museum is not what you want, the Red Butte Garden Arboretum is a welcome respite. One of the best ways to experience these things is to visit the many museums in Utah, but they are all open to everyone.

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If you're visiting Provo in the near future, take the time to visit the Living Museum at Brigham Young University in the heart of the city. The museum has an extensive collection and is both entertaining and educational. It has the best free museum in Utah, though they do welcome donations. If you are absolutely fascinated by everything prehistoric, then you are exactly right here.

Annual memberships and season tickets are available at many Utah attractions and can be the perfect gift for the loved ones on your list.

Membership in the Ogden Nature Center also provides free admission to the Utah Museum of Natural History, the state's largest museum. The sprawling Provo Campus of the University of Utah Zoological College is essentially a place for zoological studies.

If abstract sculpture is your thing, the Salt Lake City Museum of Art's Art Gallery of Contemporary Art is near you. The museum is an emerging art museum with an emphasis on modern and contemporary art from around the world and modern art in Utah.

One of Utah's best museums for children is located at Discovery Gateway in Salt Lake City. It is a family-friendly event that can be attended year-round and is located just a few blocks from the Utah Museum of Art. The Church History Museum is located in the heart of downtown Utah, just across the street from Utah State University. Each visit is guided by one of Utah's most popular children's museums, the LDS Church Museum.

This panel, which will be led by artists Patricia Kimball and Hadley Rampton and presented by Michael Workman, will feature Ogden - photographers and sculptors based in Ogden. This panel features artists such as Patricia Kimball, Hadly Ramptons and a panel discussion on the history of the Utah Museum of Art.

University students learn about the land art movement, including the history of the Utah Museum of Art and its role in the development of the land art. Children can create their own earthworks - inspired art, while museum educators discuss the importance of linking curricula for teaching and art and science at the Land Art Museum at the University of Utah. Art - scientific activities are conducted through the Museum's Performing Arts Centre, a place where children and adults alike can play with their hands - with activities for all ages.

UMFA at the University of Utah is commissioned by the Utah Museum of Art, Utah State University and the Land Art Museum in Utah.

UMFA at the University of Utah is commissioned by the Utah Museum of Art, Utah State University and the Land Art Museum in Utah. Discovery Park, which is named Manilla Park on the PG website, is one of the most popular parks in Salt Lake City and a popular destination for visitors from around the world.

The Utah Museum of Fine Arts is located on the beautiful campus of the University of Utah and houses the largest contemporary art collection in the United States and one of the largest collections of modern art in the world. Located in Park City, a culturally active area where the county has long had a cultural and cultural relationship with the city of Salt Lake City. The Park City Museum displays exhibits on the history and culture of Park County, Utah, and its history as a cultural center, located at the corner of South Main Street and South Park Avenue in downtown Salt Lake City.

From art and history to hands-on activities and craft offers, there is something for everyone. The Tree House Children's Museum focuses on the hands-on exhibition that children will love, and places particular emphasis on the importance of reading and writing. Children can get fully involved in the exhibits by taking part in the action of the City of Park's historical detectives, who accompany them on a stage in the museum. There will be many activities for children, from playing in the Science Circus to riding the "treehouse train."

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