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A big decision is on the Utah football program this week, when senior wide receiver and four-star offensive lineman Jordan Davis will announce his decision. Davis, a senior who is a two-time Pac-12 first-team selection, has dominated his class for years and has been seen as a national candidate on and off the football field as he finally grows into one of the nation's best prospects.

Vaha, who is blessed with incredible size, athleticism and grace, is beginning to realise his potential in football, given that he has been a basketball player for so long. What he ends up doing in college is open, but since he's focused solely on basketball, there's no guarantee he could play at Power 5 level. I suspect that the school, which is willing to give him a chance to shine on the field, will be improved by the hardwood, and that is where he will most likely end up.

L - Z will be there on 8 and 9 September, and those with surnames starting with "A" and "K" will be there on Thursday and Friday. Free tests will also be offered at the University of Utah on Friday and Saturday, September 8 and 9 and September 9-10.

Vaha's basketball background makes him an immediate threat to the red zone on the field and could make him a success both on and off the football field for the Utes. Vaha is seen as a project, but he could potentially be the fourth, and Bassa is pleased to announce his commitment to the Ducks. He will take his first step in the coming weeks, when he starts his A-levels, to better define his abilities.

At the moment he feels much more comfortable on the basketball court, but he has shown good instinct, power and athleticism up front and shows potential for early season play. Offensive coordinator Andy Ludwig has reoccupied the tight end position on Utah's offensive line, as the capture of Brant Kuithe last season proves. Utah has signed another new recruit, No 3 Connor O'Toole, for 2020, and the potential for early playing time is there.

Bird said the district is concerned that students are not following social norms and wearing masks during school hours, adding that if it doesn't get better, students may have to resort to online courses. He also hopes that the Community as a whole will strive to be wiser. Lyman said washing hands and wearing a mask during the school day is a good start, but not the end of the line.

We are a big family here and if necessary, the members of the community are ready to gather around us. If you can donate to the Pleasant Grove families, please donate your time and resources to the local food bank, Tabitha's Way.

Whether you want to protect your shiny new boat or check your home or car insurance, we can help. This is not your average insurance office, our agency goes beyond what is most important to you to help you protect what is most important to you.

The Utes have lost three of their last five - star athlete Jeffrey Bassa, who announced his decision to join the Utah Jazz. The top seven states that dropped out in July include Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, LSU, Michigan, Mississippi State and Texas A & M. He currently has offers from all 15 Power 5 conferences, including four of the country's top five schools and three Power 4 schools. We love a good rivalry and the fans of BYU, Utah and Utah State are just about to fight for the Mountain West title.

Utah's Department of Health began reporting the number of COVID 19 outbreaks in schools in July, though it does not include where the outbreaks occurred. The Alpin School District told Fox 13 that it is also conducting its own investigation into the schools but has not yet had contact with them.

The district is working with the Utah Department of Health and other health officials to prevent the community from spreading outside the schools. The health department did not mention any major events in the community, although it said it is possible that these events may have led to a spread of the community. A Utah County Department of Health spokesman told Fox 13 that they were looking for possible hot spots in Pleasant Grove that are nearby.

The department asks for prior notification to improve efficiency, but this is not required. The PGHS offers a wide range of subjects, including mathematics, science, English, social sciences and English language arts. The most popular advanced class is biology, because biology offers CE certificates in addition to recognition for AP tests. CE is offered to those with a degree in biology equivalent to most other universities in Utah. For more information about Pleasant Grove High School's CE program, click here.

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